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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service

No cleaning company can clean like SJH GreenSteam

Need a better way to eliminate Grease & Grime in your kitchen – call SJH GreenSteam


Need a more effective way to:


Clean racks, floors, and walls in walk-in coolers without emptying them – use a GreenSteam Machine

Safely cleans walk-in freezers without removing food – Call SJH GreenSteam

Removes dirt, mold, and mildew from refrigerator gaskets – call SJH GreenSteam

Cleans and defrosts refrigerator fins and coils – call GreenSteam Machine

Your local cleaning company can’t compare to what SJH GreenSteam has to offer!


Can your current cleaning company – effectively remove grease, dirt, bacteria, and grime from the gaskets and joints of restaurant appliances and tools (the can opener blades, mixers, hot & cold liquid dispensers & nozzles, stainless steel hot dog roller, soup kettles?)  SJH GreenSteam says NO!

Use our contract services to rid your kitchen of  burnt-on grease from your deep fryers

To clean tile and grout

To clean, disinfect and sanitize the salad bars, walk-in freezers, and refrigerators without removing food
(vapor steam does not use any harmful chemicals – just water!)

To clean, sanitize and disinfect your food storage bins and shelves

To thoroughly removes grease build-up from vent hoods and fans

To remove and clean dirt from areas where chemicals are not permitted; especially around food or prep area

To clean, disinfect and sanitize restrooms – sinks, toilet bowls, tile, urinals, and floors

To completely clean, sanitize, and remove gum from tables, and chairs

Easily and effectively clean, disinfect and sanitize your prep areas and workstations

Clean and sanitizes serving areas

Clean windows, mirrors, and display cases

Clean and sanitizes countertops and food cutting surfaces

Clean thresholds, door tracks, and entryways

Remove nicotine and tar residue

Clean walls of all types without leaving them wet

GreenSteam cleaners will clean

Without the use of harsh chemicals.

We can clean and sanitize surfaces

Ask about our EPA approved, water-based anti-microbial technology to protect surfaces for up to three months.

Restaurant owners watch SJH GreenSteam in Action 


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