How hard is it to remove stubborn paint stains – by hand real hard!

Not anymore when you use a GreenSteam machine

Gone are the days of struggling with wire brushes and expensive paint thinner with the hopes of removing paint from furniture, floors, trim, or walls. Can you imagine, no more working in or around fumes from the harmful chemicals associated with paint thinners? When there isn’t anything to compare, then the imagination is hard, but we have the solution — a GreenSteam Machine. With GreenSteam machine, brush at the tip of a nozzle, removing paint is a lot easier, both on your hands and odor in the air.
A GreenSteam machine’s vapor’s melt away the paint from most surfaces, without the hard back-breaking scrapping. Using a GreenSteam machine means no harsh chemicals on your hands. No calluses on the hands after gripping something so tight. A GreenSteam machine can make your work lighter and more manageable.
The endless list of cleaning applications for GreenSteam machines makes SJH GreenSteam a leader in the cleaning and sanitation products.

One of SJH GreenSteam’s goal is our commitment to the environment, which is why we have been able to offer you 100% ecological and non-toxic cleaning products. Steam cleaning is the most efficient and ecological method of cleaning available. Steam cleaning respects the environment by economizing the water consumption requiring as little as 1 Liter of water per hour to operate. The use of the GreenSteam machine eliminates the need for harsh chemical products.

At SJH GreenSteam, we are proud to offer you a personalized experience, and the best warranty on all of our steam machines. We are very confident in our company that we invite you to compare our prices, technologies, and service, against what is currently out there on the market. Convinced, you won’t find a better steam machine.
SJH GreenSteam proudly offers you exclusively:

 The best vapor steam machines on the market