Helmet Cleaning with vapor steam

The Spring Valley Athletic Association Youth League, a nonprofit organization, which services the neighborhood youths of Richardson, and the Independent School District of Texas, held its annual helmet cleaning.  

The Spring Valley Athletic Association Youth League has been in existence for over 35 years and offers participation in football, basketball, volleyball, and baseball to youths between the ages of 5-12 years of age.  Carolyn Steward the head of the Football program organized the annual helmet cleaning session. The volunteers that took part in the helmet cleaning were football coaches and kids from Pearce High School. The kids who volunteered to help clean the helmets were once football players in the league.  

Before vapor steam cleaning; 600 helmets were hand cleaned with cleaning chemicals, and it took hours.  These chemicals left behind potentially harmful chemical residue which could have caused an allergic reaction.  Using vapor steam is the perfect cleaning process. There is no harmful chemical residue left behind. Vapor steam can easily get into cracks and crevices where dirt and germs hide.  Using vapor steam; you can quickly clean, sanitize and disinfect the helmet and with vapor steam, there is virtually is no downtime.

Our volunteers enjoy coming together and it has become a wonderful time in which to have fun, bond together and in the process clean.  Larry Ford, CEO of SJH GreenSteam is also a coach with the Spring Valley Athletic Association for over 20 years.  Mr. Ford knows firsthand how important it is to clean, sanitize and disinfect with vapor steam.  By vapor steaming the helmets, we are providing our players with a helmet that is free of harmful bacteria and germs.  

Vapor steam is the only effective way to ensure that sporting equipment is cleaned, disinfected and sanitized.

The benefits of cleaning the helmets with vapor steam

Vapor steam uses only water to safely disinfect and sanitize most surfaces.  With germs and bacteria becoming more resistant to drugs, we really need to be concerned with protecting ourselves.  Vapor steam is the new way to clean. Get behind the powerful burst of REAL steam with an SJH GreenSteam machine. For a free demonstration of our vapor steam machines, use the email link above