Got Doubts about vapor steam cleaning? We’ve Got the Solutions

How can the use of water with a vapor steam cleaner clean and sanitize surfaces?

The cleaner heats the water into hot steam.  The steam heat emulsifies the grease and chemicals

Are vapor steam cleaners safe to use?


Can I get burned using a vapor steam cleaner?

Yes, if you don’t exercise reasonable caution, but the incidence of this is pretty rare.

How does a steam cleaner kill dust mites?

With heat: Dust-mites die @ 130 degrees and temp at nozzle is about 180 degrees (trapped steam temp is up to 250 degrees)

What are biofilms?

Is a Microorganism (such as a type of bacteria) that is found on a surface of a moist environment and begins to reproduce.  the microorganisms form an attachment to the surface of the object by secreting a slimy, glue-like substance. Steam kills and removes the organisms from the surface. 

Can a steam cleaner kill visible mold in a basement?

Not always because some molds are heat resistant.

Can Vapor steam clean vinyl, linoleum, or hardwood floors?

Yes, in addition to cleaning the floors, vapor steam will also sanitize and disinfect.