Door Jams-Vapor-Steam-Shiny-and-New

Shouldn’t everyone have a new door jam?

The one thing that attracts more dirt than a window sill is a door jamb sill. Business large and small, have a hard time keeping the doors free from debris.

With the foot traffic, there is dirt that gets caught in between the cracks and crevices. On top of the trash, you got blowing debris that lands everywhere, which is hard to reach with a regular cleaning process.  

Cleaning the door jamb sill can be a frustrating job for any janitor to tackle daily. When you try to clean with the mop and bucket routine, you will not get in between the cracks and crevices, which leaves a half-washed job. There is a way to clean between the cracks while sanitizing and disinfecting the area. A GreenSteam can clean the surface, especially between the cracks, ensuring a clean result.  

Maintaining a clean, safe environment is difficult at best. But to fall short not only risks the reputation of the business, but the well being of clientele and employees as well.

SJH GreenSteam is an expert in the cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. Our personnel trained in the use of the latest professional equipment, a necessity in any kitchen maintenance program. With steam cleaning, we can get results that cannot be obtained by traditional cleaning methods.

Environmentally friendly

Our latest steam technology uses very little water and no harsh chemicals, 

providing maximum standards of cleaning and hygiene with minimum environmental impact. Put the power of steam behind your cleaning.