Cleaning your Daycare center with vapor steam

African american girl, with thumbs up for greensteam cleaningAs the owner or operator of a nursery school or daycare center, you have the impossible task of keeping the children who attend your center clean and free from the germs; that can be passed from one child to another, making them sick or aggravating their allergies. There is no better way to clean your nursery school or daycare center than with vapor steam. Use a steam cleaner instead of your current cleaning process that includes the use of potentially harmful chemical-based cleaners that will not eradicate germs. Mopping will only move dirty water around contaminating the area.  

Steam cleaning is “kid-friendly” as well as environmentally friendly. Using a GreenSteam cleaner will clean more thoroughly in less time and with much less effort. Steam cleaners will sanitize as it cleans, killing germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew. 

How do steam cleaners clean?

A steam cleaner cleans with only water and is capable of cleaning almost any surface in your nursery school or daycare center, including stuffed animals, sleep mats, cribs, and toys where germs and bacteria live and breed. Daycare centers and nursery school children spend a great deal of time playing with their favorite stuffed animals or dolls. It is also where children can pick up an untold number of germs and viruses. With younger children, these objects often find their way into the child’s mouth, which could create some severe problems when the object is unsanitized. A steam cleaner will clean, disinfect and sanitize stuffed animals and toys with a single application using only vapor steam created with distilled water.


Vapor steam, for a healthier and cleaner tomorrow!