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Daycare and schools

SJH GreenSteam

Vapor Steam cleaning is safe

No harmful cleaning chemicals used–Ever!

Vapor Steam will sanitize

and deodorize surfaces as it cleans


on contact and in the tiniest places

Vapor steam cleaning is ideal for schools and daycare centers

  • Vapor steam is plain distilled water. The appliance is called a vapor steam cleaner that heats water to boiling temperatures and blows hot, low-moisture steam through a hose.
  • Vapor steam cleaners generate very little moisture. As a result, the mist loosens and dislocates the dirt particles wiped up with a towel.
  • Below is just a shortlist of the endless vapor steam cleaning possibilities
Kills bacteria and spores on contact in the tiniest cracks and crevices

Removes stains and chemical residue

Cleans and removes dirt from walls and baseboards

Degreases and restores floors (linoleum & tile)

Perfect for quick student housing and classroom cleaning

Softens and removes old wax build-up from floors, hallways, stairs, and baseboards

Cleans walls without leaving them wet

Deodorizes and sanitizes bathrooms (toilets, sinks, bathtubs, mirrors, and windows)

Restores luster to chrome and removes dust, dirt and body oils

Effectively cleans and sanitizes athletic and training equipment

Cleans and sanitizes food preparation and service areas

Easily cleans entryways, mats, and outdoor patio


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