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GreenSteam Machine Display with Steam
Welcome to SJH GreenSteam, provider of the most advanced cleaning equipment on the market today. SJH GreenStean offers an ecological solution for cleaning and disinfecting with the highest efficiency. SJH Greensteam proudly offers you exclusively: - The best steam cleaner on the market, TECNOVAP steam machines.
TECNOVAP's patented technology proves the benefits of dry steam as it permits the cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces inside and outside without making a mess. This technology permits our clients to save water, energy, and time.

The endless list of applications for SJH GreenSteam steam cleaners makes SJH GreenSteam the leader in cleaning and sanitation products. Tecnovap steam machine’s powerful antibacterial and cleaning abilities are revolutionary for the maintenance industry.

One of SJH GreenSteam’s great pride in our commitment to the environment, which is why we have worked side by side with Tecnovap to be able to offer you 100% ecological and non-toxic cleaning products. Steam cleaning is the most efficient and ecological method of cleaning available. Steam cleaning respects the environment by economizing the water consumption requiring as little as 1L per hour to operate. The use of SJH GreenSteam cleaners will permit you to reduce and in most cases eliminate the need for harsh chemical products.

SJH Vapor Steam Cleaning Co. is locally owned and operated – serving the Greater Dallas/Fort Worth area for over 20 years. Our goal is to provide your home, office, or facility with the cleanest environment for your family, employees, and customers. We are bonded and insured. Our staff is carefully trained in steam and general cleaning methods.

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Specialties: Contract Cleaning, Post and Pre-construction cleaning, Restaurant-Clubs-Bars, Tile grout cleaning, spray disinfectant application, and Daycare-Schools and Churches.